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Frequency Inhibitors with Earpiece

Many of you ask us this question, therefore from We will help you solve it! We have answers to questions like: Do they affect the Earpiece?, And the Mobile?, And the MP3?, Inhibitors in Universities?, etc. 🤦‍♂️📱📶

What are frequency inhibitors

Earpiece Jammer
Traditional Frequency Inhibitor

Un frequency inhibitor is a electronic device that avoids radiofrequency emissions. For this generates a signal with greater intensity avoiding the propagation of the rest of unwanted frequencies in a range determined.

Types of frequency jammers

There is a wide variety of jammers. The more common are what inhibit the use of signals: GPS, GSM, 3G/4G or Wi-Fi. Within this classification they vary depending on their potency and their range of inhibition. 📶

El price of these inhibitors is really high with a price range of €4000-6000. The buyers of this type of product are the security forces and official organizations. Universities, colleges, cinemas, libraries and churches can also request authorization to install them, but its approval is not usual. 💼

How to know if there are frequency inhibitors

Is the use of inhibitors in universities illegal?

Inhibitor in University
Inhibitor at University of Oviedo

It is not illegal because they have been installed in the past, as happened at the University of Oviedo or at the University of Valencia. after few months The authorization to install the inhibitors was suspended in 2011 and they were forced to withdraw them for security reasons. The inhibitors of the mobile signal inhibition type come with a certification that obliges them to only be used for security reasons and by duly authorized official organizations. Thus the use in Universities is very very rare

Can earpieces work with an inhibitor?

The earpieces that we sell in PingaOculto They work by induction, a technology that makes them resistant to inhibitors. Without exception, all the earpieces that we sell on our website have been tested to ensure that the technology incorporated is anti-inhibitor. 📡

Will there be Inhibitors in the exam?

Earpiece for Exams


This is the most common question among students and it has a simple answer: in 99% of cases there will be NO frequency inhibitors. This is because in Spain and in most countries there is a very restrictive law regarding its use because they are a danger in the event of an accident., Inhibitors prevent communication with emergencies. Also its price is very restrictive, being able to be thousands of euros for a GSM inhibitor (inhibits telephone calls). Normally, you reserve your use by special forces and agencies with authorization. 📃

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  1. Hello, to oppose, can these earpieces be discovered with inhibitors or another device?

    1. PingaOculto

      The use of inhibitors is really rare. Current regulations prevent them from being installed in spaces that are not controlled by state security forces and bodies. It is common to indicate that there are inhibitors to alert, but they are very rarely used. The use of frequency detectors is also not common and, when used, has a limited range. All of our earpieces use short-range electromagnetic induction between the collar or inductor element and the earpiece. Bluetooth, GSM or Wifi connections depend a lot on the type of detector and the frequencies it captures, since detectors with a wide frequency range are very expensive.

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