Hidden Spy Camera For Exams Wifi Pro

293,99CAD $ - 382,99CAD $ VAT Inc.


Spy Camera to transmit remotely with 4K quality, focus adjustment and inducing element for earpiece. Pieces included to hide in clothing.

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Hidden Spy Camera For Exams Wifi Pro
Hidden Spy Camera For Exams Wifi Pro 293,99CAD $ - 382,99CAD $ VAT Inc.

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The Wifi Pro Hidden Spy Camera For Exams has a very small size of 4,5 x 3,8 cm for the module, 12 cm for the camera cable and 0,8 x 0,8 cm lens, great to see computer screens or exams thanks to allows manual focus adjustment and great 4K image quality. He chamber inductor element transmits sound to the earpiece. It has two modes of use:

  • Local mode: local Wi-Fi connection from the mobile phone to the camera to be able to view from an application. In addition, you can enter a microSD for continuous recording.
  • Remote mode: the camera connects to a wifi network (it can be a router or a wifi network that we create with the mobile with mobile data) and can be seen remotely and live from anywhere with internet using an application.

The camera can be hidden as a button with the included parts in the Kit or can be sewn on the inside of a piece of clothing with the fixing piece. We can hide it in various places on clothing, neck, sleeve, body... The central module of the camera with integrated battery can be glued to the skin using adhesive tape or similar to improve its fixation. It includes integrated microphone, night vision, lens with manual adjustment and induction element to transmit sound to the earpiece with a 32 cm long cable. It has a autonomy of approximately 4 hours and includes option for hide the status lights.

The Vip Pro SuperMini/UltraMini earpieces are oversized hidden earphones reduced with great volume and sound quality that allows its use even in noisy environments. Thanks to its conical shape and the ascending morphology of the ear canal, they remain totally hidden. They require a battery to work (2 included) and they contribute a autonomy of approximately 4 hours.

Portable Wifi Router 3G/4G LTE 150 Mbps with simultaneous internet connection of up to 10 devices such as tablets, mobiles, spy cameras or computers, among others. Ideal for travelers, students and professionals on the go what do you need stay connected anytime, anywhere. Create a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network anywhere introducing a SIM card with mobile data and connection to 3G or 4G LTE with this compact and easy to transport device of only 9,7cm x 5,9cm x 1,5cm y 150 grams of weight. La 3000mAh rechargeable battery allow up to 8 hours of use at top speed and up to 90 hours in standby mode. It does not require configuration for its use and includes an LED display indicating:

  • Wifi Network Status and Devices connected to the Wifi Network
  • 3G/4G LTE network signal level
  • internet consumed
  • Battery charge

It incorporates function for view and reply to SMS, hide Wi-Fi network and other security features to protect your network y modify all parameters such as the Wi-Fi network name or password. The compatible bands of the device are:

  • 4G/FDD:B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B20/B28*
  • 4G TDD:B38/39/40/41
  • 3G WCDMA: B1/B5/B8

📦Kit Contents📦

  • 1 x Wifi Spy Camera Pro Built-in/External Battery
  • 1 x Built-in 1000 mAh Battery
  • 2 x Button Kits
  • 2 x Clothes Fixing Pieces
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x 5V/2A EU charger
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 1 x Vip Pro SuperMini/UltraMini Earpiece*
  • 2 x 337 / SR416SW batteries
  • 1 x Portable Wifi Router*
  • 1 x 3000 mAh battery*
  • 1 x MicroUSB Charging Cable*
  • 1 x NanoSIM-MicroSIM adapter*

*Included or not depending on the selected kit


  • Super reduced size of only 5mm (1mm lens size) (I.e.
  • Inductor Element for Earpieces 🦻
  • Lens with Manual Focus Adjustment 📐
  • Buttons and Fixing Piece Included ◾👚
  • 4K Quality Folios 📄 and Screens 📹
  • ASF/AVI video format 🎥
  • Micro SD slot (Up to 128GB) (I.e.
  • Integrated Microphone 🎤
  • Night Vision 🟢
  • Photo / Recording function 📷
  • Wi-Fi / Internet connection (I.e.
  • Autonomy of 4 Hours 🔋


  • Can it be viewed from anywhere with internet? How can I see the image?

Yes, this camera connects to a Wi-Fi network, either a router or a Wi-Fi network created with the mobile, and sends the live image over the Internet. It can be seen by anyone anywhere with internet and a mobile.

  • Is it of sufficient quality to be able to read a text on paper or on a computer screen?

Yes, the camera has 4K quality to be able to read texts both on paper and on a computer. The camera allows the focus to be adjusted manually depending on the distance at which we want to focus.

  • How much autonomy do you have?

The autonomy is 4 hours. To charge the camera you must use the microUSB cable included in the Kit.

  • Is it difficult to use the camera?

No, it includes the instructions spy camera wifi button with detailed illustrations and steps to set it up easily.

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  1. Anonymous -

  2. Anonymous -

    Well, I'm still doing checks but I have to say that the material is good, the seller's attention and response is very fast and the delivery is unbeatable, everything they explain in terms of delivery speed, when I finish checking it and using it for its purpose I will post an opinion more precise.

  3. Anonymous -

    I was surprised by the image quality

  4. Anonymous -

    Don't buy the router. The camera and the earpiece are very good, but the router doesn't work. I failed my exam because of this; everything is useless because of the router. It keeps connecting and disconnecting, but the LTE signal on my phone is stable.

  5. Anonymous -

    The camera works well

  6. Ferdinando -


  7. Anonymous -

    Very happy with the purchase but if it had step-by-step connection facilities it would be easier to connect

  8. Amelie K. -

    Nice product and whatsapp support

  9. louis m. -

  10. Anonymous -

    Very well

  11. Anonymous -

  12. Anonymous -

    Good quality, worth it

  13. Anonymous -

  14. Anonymous -

    Very good service

  15. Amalia -

    Super delighted!

  16. Anonymous -

    The truth is that it works very well. Camera with adjustable focus, both on paper and on a computer screen (+30cm makes the image weak but at short distances it looks great). The earpiece with good audio without the need to have the volume at maximum. I don't give it a 10 because the design of the device is not very friendly and it is difficult to find a way to place the camera well on the clothes. Although I bring materials to hide the camera, I need more tutorials in that regard.

  17. Anonymous -

  18. Anonymous -

    All right

  19. Anonymous -

    It works but I recommend you buy the portable wifi router that is sold on this website in accessories because some mobiles do not give good wifi and the camera does not look fluid

  20. Anonymous -

  21. Authorless -

    Following the steps little by little it works and very well and fast shipping thanks

  22. John R. -

    It's the ostia, thanks cracks

  23. Anonymous -

    Everything went very well hehe

  24. M Carmen -

    Received as expected, excellent help for questions and works perfectly

  25. Anonymous -

    It works very well

  26. Anonymous -

    Perfect and very fast shipping

  27. Cristian M. -

    Everything went well hehe

  28. Anonymous -

    Perfect and very fast shipping

  29. Xavier B. -

    I've tried several and this is by far the best.

  30. Anonymous -

    The best I've had at these prices. It works well

  31. Lucia b. -

    Just great

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