Spare Round Nano Earpiece

6,99 VAT Inc.

2 Nano earpieces for Nano inductor collars.

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Concealed Round Spare Nano Earpiece
Spare Round Nano Earpiece 6,99 VAT Inc.

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The Spare Round Nano Earpiece includes six round Nano earpieces compatible with all Nano models. It also includes the extractor bar.

⚠ IT IS NOT THE COMPLETE KIT! Without the induction collar it cannot be used.

📦Kit Contents📦

  • 6 x Round Nano Earpieces
  • 1 x Extractor Bar


  • Size of only 3 mm in diameter 📏🦻

The nano earpieces are the smallest headphones on the market. Its 3mm size, similar to a lentil, makes it 100% undetectable as it is completely hidden in the ear canal.

  • Induction Technology 📡

Using induction technology, the induction collar transmits the sound to the earpiece. For this reason it is not necessary to charge them and they are resistant to falls.


  • Is it the Complete Kit?

No, they are just two replacement earpieces in case they are lost, damaged or you need more.

  • Do I have to charge the earpiece?

It is not necessary to charge the earpieces because the induction collar causes the vibration in the earpiece, generating the sound. The nano earpiece does not include any electrical circuit so it is resistant to falls and we can wash it with water.  More information about its operation.

  • How is the nano earpiece inserted? How do we know if it is well inserted?

To introduce the nano earpiece we must tilt our head and drop the earpiece into the ear canal. Maintaining the position we must shake our head slightly until we notice that it has entered correctly.

To know if it has been correctly inserted, we must notice the sensation of a drop of water entering the ear and the clogged ear. We can check it by inserting only the extractor bar, if the earpiece is extracted it means that we have not inserted it correctly. A single earpiece in the left ear is sufficient in most cases.

  • What earpieces is it compatible with?

It is compatible with all Nano inductor collar models.


  1. Insert only one earpiece into the left ear: Turn your head 90º so that the ear where we are going to insert the earpiece is facing upwards. Next, drop the earpiece into your ear and, maintaining the same position, shake your head until you feel the earpiece enter your ear and become "plugged". It may be necessary to distribute it several times. The sensation when it enters correctly is similar to a drop of water falling through the ear canal and/or a clogged ear. If it comes out when you turn your head, it's not well inserted.

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  1. Antonio P. -

    These fit me better than the ones with the other shape

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