GSM Inductor Card

56,99 VAT Inc.

Insert a Nano SIM card and it will act as a mobile listening through the earpiece and communicating through the integrated microphone.

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GSM card
GSM Inductor Card 56,99 VAT Inc.

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⚠ IT IS NOT THE COMPLETE KIT! Without an earpiece it cannot be used.

The GSM Inductor Card + Vip Pro Earpiece is one of the most discreet models on the market, having a secret operation thanks to its small size and its many concealment possibilities. Works only with phone calls for ourselves thanks to the Nano SIM card slot. The inducer card GSM becomes a mobile which we will call to keep the conversation hidden. we should always keep the GSM inductor card close to the earpiece, placing it hidden under clothing and attached to the body with adhesive tape or tape. For phone calls includes a ultra-sensitive integrated microphone which Allows you to communicate through whispers.

The GSM inductor card has a integrated rechargeable battery and the USB charging cable is included. His autonomy is approximately 3 hours depending on the use.

⚠ Not compatible with nano earpieces.

📦Kit Contents📦

  • 1 x GSM Inductor Card
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Instruction Manual


  • Ultra discreet🕵️‍♀️

The GSM Inductor Card for Earpieces has a secret operation and a small size.

  • Phone calls 📞🎤

Compatible with phone calls. The GSM inductor card includes a Nano SIM card slot with which we can communicate as if it were a mobile phone.

  • Integrated Wired Microphone 🎤

The GSM inductor card incorporates a built-in microphone to communicate with whispers.

  • Induction Technology 📡

Using induction technology, the inductor card transmits the sound to the earpiece, being resistant to inhibitors.

  • Autonomy of Hours 🔋

The autonomy of the GSM inductor card is approximately 3 hours depending on the use. The GSM inductor card is powered by built-in lithium battery, and is charged by USB.


  • Is it necessary to use a mobile phone with this model? Does the call cut off if they call me?

No, GSM models act like a mobile phone by inserting a NanoSIM size SIM card and receiving the phone call.

No, the call is not cut off if we are already on a phone call. Until we finish the call we will not be able to receive another one.

  • Is it easy to hide the GSM inductor card under clothes? Can it be seen?

Yes, it is easier than it seems and with a shirt, T-shirt or polo it will be completely hidden.

  • Can two people use the same earpiece kit? And two kits or more in the same place?

Each kit is suitable for use by one person because the inductive element hidden in the card transmits sound using short-range electromagnetic induction. The range is from the neck where the collar is located to the earring that is located in the left ear.

There can be several people in the same place, each with their own earpiece kit. To avoid slightly hearing what the other person is listening to, it is recommended to maintain a minimum distance of 4-5 meters. Otherwise, we will simply hear what the other person hears with their kit, but at a lower volume than ours.

  • Can we regulate the volume of the earpiece? Can you hear from outside?

It is regulated by placing the GSM inductor card closer or further from the earpiece on the body. It will not be heard outside if it is not placed very close to the ear, which would cause it not to be hidden.

  • Does it incorporate a microphone?

Yes, it incorporates an integrated microphone to communicate with whispers.

  • Does it need batteries or is it battery operated? What autonomy does it have?

The autonomy of the GSM inductor card is approximately 3 hours depending on the use. The GSM inductor card is powered by built-in lithium battery, and is charged by USB.


  1. To use the Nano SIM card you must remove the pin if you have one. In each mobile it is different, you can help Google by searching for example: how to remove the pin from the SIM in (brand/model of mobile)
  2. Insert the Nano SIM card of our mobile into the slot.
  3. Turn on the GSM inductor card by moving the switch to the “Ret” position
  4. Place the Kit on your body as indicated in the Usage Diagram.
  5.  When the kit is placed on the body and the earpiece inserted into the left ear, we must make a call to the telephone number. After two tones it will be answered automatically and we will be able to communicate.
  6. After use, turn off the GSM inductor card by moving the switch to the ⬅️ position and extract the earpiece with the included extractor bar and remove the battery while you are not using it, since if it is inserted it continues to consume.

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    The microphone is better than I thought and the card is very fine

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