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The Bluetooth Earpiece works through an induction collar that connects to any type of mobile via bluetooth connection And allows play recordings or make phone calls wirelessly.

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Showing 8 results

Spy Earpiece Bluetooth , an innovative solution designed to elevate your communication experiences wirelessly. This revolutionary device redefines the way we interact with our environment, allowing you to play recordings and make phone calls without the need for cables.

How does the Bluetooth Earpiece work?

The key to this type of penguin is their induction collar, an ingenious piece that connects effortlessly to any type of mobile phone via a Bluetooth connection. 

The real magic is unleashed when you immerse yourself in its functionalities. Do you want to make a phone call without having to hold your phone? Do you need to play important recordings discreetly and efficiently? With the Spy Earpiece Bluetooth , these tasks become simple and elegant. With no cables limiting your movements, you can enjoy the freedom of wireless communication in its purest form.

How long does the battery of a Bluetooth device last?

The battery life of a Bluetooth earpiece can vary significantly depending on the model, brand, and how the device is used. In general terms:

Smaller, more discreet Bluetooth earpieces typically have a battery life of between 3 and 6 hours of continuous use, due to size limitations to accommodate larger batteries.

Larger models or those that come with charging cases (like some earbuds) can offer up to 24 hours or more with the additional charges the case provides.

It is important to mention that the standby time (when the handset is not in active use but is still on) is usually much longer, and some devices can remain on standby for several days. Additionally, factors such as the volume at which it is used, distance from the paired device, and age of the battery can influence actual battery life.